High Quality Cable Jacket Protection

We offer the high quality material to design the ignition cable jacket for better protection and durability.


Engineered for Extreme Performance.

Our ignition leads meet the high grade insulating properties, appropriate resistance and impedance, high temperature, resistance against vibration, temperature and humidity variations to maintain the ignition leads replacement parts works better.

Ignition Leads & Spark Plug Cable Replacement Automotive Spare Parts.

All of our ignition leads are designed with high quality cable jacket to achieve extra protection and reliability performance. Our Ignition Leads & Spark Plug Cable Replacement Automotive Spare Parts provide good voltage into high ignition system voltage, creating an electric spark sending to the spark plugs which ignites the engine fuel.
LB Auto Group is a top-class supplier who is leading spark plug cable that also specialises in ignition leads & coil. Our Ignition leads replacement parts yield an extremely low resistance value that allow superior conductivity. They are manufactured with advanced insulating material, and have exceptional long-life durability.

Ignition Leads - LB Auto Group
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